Content marketers – it’s up to you to rule the marketing world. That’s why you need to think big, aim high, and grab one of those rare-to-find executive seats. Not sure where they’re hiding? Take charge of your career, and create your own.

The online economy is competitive, and to stay robust, your company needs solid marketing strategy. That means knowing how to reach customers and prospects across a variety of devices. On phones, computers, tablets, and whatever else the future holds.

Not sure that you have what it takes? Yes, you do. As a content marketer, you are – by definition – a creative thinker, confident, outgoing, a strong leader, and open to criticism.

As you maneuver through your career, you need to have a goal in mind. That’s why ;Killer Infographics has broken down exactly what you need to do to be a top marketer.

Why This Visual Rocks

This infographic is a highly constructive and action-oriented visual tool. It does a great job breaking down the market for marketing execs — highlighting what to expect payment-wise and where to live to secure highly coveted job opportunities.

You’ll know exactly what coursework you’ll need to thrive on the job. If you enjoy cross-functional topics that sit at the intersection between statistics, psychology, history, finance, business, advertising, and economics, then marketing might be the perfect job for you.

The infographic further breaks down marketing tactics that you’ll need to master before advancing to the C-suite — in addition to the challenges that you’ll inevitably overcome. Common blind spots? Data, the economy, and the shifting realm of social media.

What’s Missing

Employment stats would add significant value to this infographic. How are marketers finding C-suite marketing jobs, and approximately how many are out there? How competitive are opportunities, and where at they? At large corporations? Agencies? Startups?

Why not share some quotes, stories, and advice from fellow C-suite rockstars too?As a marketer, do what you already do best. Be a storyteller.

By Ritika Puri, under Content Marketing, Infographics. Ritika Puri is a media blogger with expertise in marketing, data analytics, consumer insights, and brand-building.