Our International Experts Team


We are a team of experienced marketing, finance and trading consultants combining years of experience at various markets.

Leader of the team is mr. Yannis P. Triantafyllou, a seasoned marketer & entrepreneur, with over 20 years of top management experience at new technology & industrial groups in Europe and a business record of 100+ factories & businesses renovations totaling to more than 50 million euros in capital & tech asset investments in various countries.

Next to Yannis, a selected team of specialists, work for To ATOMO on the various international projects our firm implements. All have considerable knowledge and working experience in business organization, market analysis, marketing planning, international trading, financial planning and business processes. Our team members are:

  • Mr. Antonios Aspras, Chief Advisor YADA International
  • Mrs. Yasemin Aydin, Business Development Turkey & Balkans
  • Mr. Dimitris Eftaxias, Chief Financial Advisor
  • Mr. Dionysis Kantianis, Marketing Analyst
  • Mr. Anestis Kokkakis, Chief Advisor Hotel Operations
  • Mrs. Christina Kotermayer, IT Specialist & Founder @ GasMetrics
  • Mrs. Erietta Latousaki, Business Development Greece
  • Mrs. Stamatina Markou, Business Development China & SE Asia
  • Mr. Jan Muller, Regional Manager Europe
  • Mrs. Radost Nekova, Content Marketing specialist
  • Mrs. Athina Stai, Social Media and Community Manager

On our marketing projects’ implementation we have the valuable support and cooperation by BaaS Digital Media Agency and Propaganda Graphic Design Studio, both based in Athens, Greece and offering services in various countries round the globe.

Our team’s operation is supported in daily office administration by the accounting team of Tax Management Ltd (Sofia, Bulgaria & Thessaloniki, Greece).

Furthermore, if a given project dictates so, specialized audited contractors are commissioned to guarantee the effective strategic implementation and solid business integrity of every project undertaken in accordance with the nature and requirements of the client’s professional sector.


Yannis P. Triantafyllou

CEO & Founder