Risk at minimum, Profit at maximum!


Exporting is the keyword for development and growth, especially when crisis situations narrow down local markets and cash flow. In this field at To ATOMO we operate by our major rule of thumb: “Risk at minimum, Profit at maximum”, the only secure and affordable path to effective exports. We know how to do it, whether we already have clients operating there or the market needs to be tackled from scratch.

We always create a fresh global sales environment by networking our clients with business associates and procurement experts who can effectively assist them in opening suitable new markets and connecting them with selective Buyers in the target markets who will position their products in their sales channels.

We support each and every step of our clients exporting sales efforts by means of business auditing to assist on the initial exporting decision as well as all by preparing all necessary marketing procedures: a detailed Operational Budget, an appropriate and effective Marketing Plan per market, planning of Procurement procedures for our clients’ exported products, and constant monitoring of the way the markets respond to our campaign, from launch to after-sales.

Last but not least, we track every step of our clients Global Sales plan and inform on time on diversions or amendments required.