With us, Crisis is Never an Option…


A marketing crisis, whether online or offline, is a situation in need of fast and accurate reactions, to control the factors that caused it and prepare and launch the actions that will turn the negative experience to a positive one. With social media, we see it happening more often than before, threatening the online presence of the company and its reputation and brand image.

Our Marketing Crisis Control approach at To ATOMO focuses on identifying the Crisis and evaluating its causes and consequences (Audit), form an Exit Plan (if not already in place), implement it step-by-step and adapt it effectively to the ongoing nature of the crisis. Alternative plans and propositions are also considered as needed, in favour of the client’s targeted plans, to assure flexibility, minimum risk of failure and maximum effectiveness.

In all cases, our expert associates will adequately plan and provide the necessary know-how to protect your brand name and business integrity, efficiently.