IT buyers are among the most active participants in social media. In fact, over half of technology decision-makers employed some type of social media, according to Forrester Research. So there’s never been a better time to start conversations—using a variety of social tools—about your software and solutions. But what makes your content worth reading? In a recent Buzz Marketing For Technology blog post, Paul Dunay shares some tricks about writing compelling content that will inspire your buyers to read and share.

  • Tell interesting stories. “You have a new kind of marketing evolving now—a marketing that is driven by good stories,” says Dunay.
  • Make your stories sticky. Don’t just write about anything, says Dunay. “Boring stories of ERP implementations aren’t going viral anytime soon.” Instead, write about what matters to your customers in a way that to speaks to them.
  • Remove the friction. Avoid long registration forms and other time-consuming processes. Consider using sites like Slideshare, which give you access to an audience that can engage with your content.
  • Launch with all available media. “Find a way to take the core idea and distribute it into every possible niche of consumer attention,” says Dunay.
  • Measure reach, efficiency and value. Gauge the effectiveness of the content by measuring how many people were reached, how efficient that reach was (what did visitors do on your site) and what value was derived.

The Po!nt: Your customers are using social media. Make your words count: Be creative, get your best stories out there and drive leads back home.

Source: Buzz Marketing for Technology. Read the full post here.