We are an ambitious & agile team of marketers, connecting people & brands online in communities.

We believe in technologies that allow people to live anywhere and work everywhere.

We guide companies to digital transformation and adopting of innovative business models.

We develop strategies & teams for our clients to establish sales growth and competitive advantage.

We love to work beyond borders, as advisors and project leaders on international marketing & business projects.


We focus on creating customer experiences and drive sales growth! We audit our clients’ marketing efforts and develop new strategies & tactics to make them digital and mobile!


Think Marketing, Think Community! Our business is stimulating and managing loyalty, engagement, knowledge-sharing, collaboration, advocacy & technology innovation!


We love to work beyond borders, as advisors and project leaders on international projects, networking people with brands and supporting them to grow in new markets!

Years in Business

Countries Active in

SMEs Restructured

Million € in Investments

Why work with us?


We think digital, speak social, act mobile.


We know how markets, customers and brands interact and actively make it happen.

We select data and convert them to value.


We focus on the way your customers want to live their lives and how your business connects emotionally with them.


We are international, it is our way of living.


We are efficiently creative and proficient with technology.


And the stories that impress us are the ones that prompt us to action.


After all, the future is in our imagination!

We trust people and they trust us